Removes the copper that is not protected by tin.

It can be manufactured independently or in conjunction with other machines:

  • Etching
  • Etching - Film Stripping
  • Developer – Etching – Film Stripping (D.E.S)
  • Film Stripping – Etching – Tin Stripping (S.E.S)
    • Etching fumes neutralization unit.
    • Automatic Density dosing unit with a accuracy of +/- 0,020 g/cc.
    • Machines designed and manufactured for a long lifetime.
    • Uniform etch rate.
    • Individual pressure ajustament of each spray pipe.
    • Adjustable oscillation cycles with frequency converter.
    • Heaters replacement keeping the etch solution inside of the module.
    • Modules with mechanical or pneumatical Oscillation
    • Modules manufactured in PP-H and white PP.


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