Remove the exposed film used as protection.

It can be manufactured independently or in conjunction with other machines:

  • Stripping
  • Etching - Film Stripping
  • Developer – Etching – Film Stripping (D.E.S)
  • Film Stripping – Etching – Tin Stripping (S.E.S)
    • Filtration system using cyclones that ensures a very high purity of the filtered solution, depositing the filtered impurities in a compartment that is easy to extract for the operator.
    • Tower filtering system; the solution is driven into a filter surface where impurities are trapped and the clean solution passes through it and quickly returns to the process module. Impurities are deposited in compartment that is easy to extract for the operator.
    • Automatic dosing system by Conductivity, Counter and Time.
    • Heaters replacement keeping the solution inside of the module.
    • Modules manufactured in PP-H and white PP.


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